My Kryptonite

Today was weird. Between not sleeping much before my call yesterday, and then dealing with the call itself, I slept about six hours last night – woke up for a while – and then after getting dressed, putting my shoes on to get ready to go in town for a couple things, I promptly fell asleep for a little more than another three hours in the afternoon. It’s a bit after 1am now, and I’ve got no reason to believe I’ll be asleep before dawn. Meh…

Another part of that call that I had to absorb was that, like I feared, even though the other side isn’t paying for the meds they’re legally required to pay for… right now I can’t do a damn thing about it. My guy’s suggestion was that I submit the prescription info and receipts to my regular medical insurance, notify them that WC has declined payment, and suggest that if they don’t want to cover them either that they should probably talk to my former employer’s lawyers.

And actually, that would likely be a fairly successful tactic for them – since they’re operating as an entity of Medicare, and I doubt that many people want to eff with them too much. But yeah, it’s disheartening that there isn’t a mechanism within the current process where we can provide this info to the court or IC panel, where they’d get their hands slapped appropriately, and be told to give me my fucking money back. I mean, there are ways, but nothing that’s easy, and nothing that would be productive anytime soon – especially with other matters still being debated in court. Not great, but I guess that’s how it is.

So that means I’ll probably be on the phone with my insurance company more than a few times. Not something I’m particularly excited about. But first I’m gonna find out everything I can do online. I imagine they prefer that people just print out forms and send shit in, rather than clogging up their phone lines, but we’ll see. But yeah, that was probably the most “meh” part of the call yesterday… knowing that I’ve now got homework to do and phone calls to make. And that’s just to get to the point where I might get some or all of my money returned to me.

First Part of The Call

I’ve found a silver lining when it comes to all the COVID crap. Judges and attorneys are having to do a lot of crap via Zoom rather than in person, and since that’s a general pain in the ass – they’re getting tired of seeing all of the somewhat trivial cases that they have to deal with in that manner, wanting to spend their Zoom time on things that really matter.

And it’s not that my case isn’t important… at least not when it comes to me or my attorneys… hmm, I’m not quite sure how to explain this in a condensed manner. Originally it was my side vs my employer’s side in IC hearings, which are like pre-court officials that everyone agrees to abide by. Then we progressed to where parts of my case were being heard in the actual Franklin County court. And in almost all cases, things have been found in my side’s favor.

But at some point, at least one of the county’s decisions was appealed (by employer’s lawyers) so my case has made it all the way up to the Ohio State Supreme Court. And as you could imagine, that court has plenty of things to rule on that seem more important than some guy’s debate w/ his former employer about what WC meds he should get. But not only were we there now, but the Ohio State Attorney General’s office got whiff of what the case was about, and they decided (back then, at least) that they wanted a say in the matter.

Former employer’s interest, when it comes to fighting me, is financial. But the AG’s office wanted to join the case, on the opposing side, because of financial, moral, and possibly political reasons. The AG’s office wants to be seen as something that is “fighting wasteful state spending.” Something that is “protecting” people from dangerous drugs. I understand that, but I never felt that my case was one of the ones you’d want to try and make an example of. All my treatment has been hugely documented by my doctor, I jump through all the hoops… there’s nothing sketchy. There’s nothing I’m getting that’s not needed.

So now that cases are no longer being heard in person, and the entire system is being squeezed by Zoom meetings (often instead of official hearings) everyone in the system is more motivated to get shit off the docket, come to agreements, and free things up for the most important of cases. So despite the AG being able to have a precedent setting case if they’d win, the difference between that and the current precedent is so small, we’re starting to think that they’ll agree that I’m not “worth the fight” under the current conditions.

Yeah, I guess that did a pretty good job of explaining “where we’re at” when it comes to the courts at the moment. But it was good to hear that stuff indeed is still going on behind the scenes. So even if I don’t hear much from my attorney, it’s more because they keep having meetings and keep making incremental advances, and it would be rather difficult to try and always keep me current. But the next mediation with former employer’s team and AG’s team is around the middle of October, and he said he’ll give me a call once he can tell me more.


Fell asleep early yesterday. I’ve got myself into a bit of a pattern at the moment… one night of decent sleep, one night of crappy sleep, repeat. I’m not sure if I might have just changed that by waking up at 3am. I think I’m just anxious about the call with the lawyers today, because even though I did sack out early I definitely shouldn’t be this awake right now.

Wasn’t feeling great yesterday, but I did manage to make myself go into town for a bit towards the end of the afternoon. Took the 360 camera and made a pass through both Rising Park and the fairgrounds. Looks like they had some sort of event this weekend, surprisingly, so the video from the latter also has a little bit of extra “stuff to look at” with the folks taking down various tents and displays.

I think I’ll keep this entry short though, so maybe I can manage a couple more hours of sleep before I have to be awake for that call. Oh, I haven’t figured out how to trim the 360 videos without borking the viewing method, so I don’t have an example clip to share yet. I’ll check YouTube Studio to see if there’s a way to duplicate a video though, so I can keep all the originals private / unpublished while still having one I can make unlisted for sharing here in the blog.


Police Increase Patrols at Cinemark Theaters (link to original article)

Was looking for something else, but of course I ended up coming across something sorta weird. It’s one thing to see your family name when it’s fairly rare like ours is, but to see everything else (which has a scent of familiarity) made it seem extra weird.

Robinson’s Vietmeier said management at Cinemark contacted police this morning and requested additional supervision of the local theater.

That’s not enough to get Bob Batina of Leetsdale to see the movie in a theater anytime soon. Batina, 62, whose nickname was “Batman” in high school, said he’s a Batman fan, but plans to wait until the mania fizzles out before seeing the summer blockbuster.

“I remember they had a shooting at the Loews movie theater,” Batina said, referring to the fatal 2005 shooting at the Loews Cineplex at The Waterfront in West Homestead. “It’s scary,” he said.

Odd Couple

These two are hard to explain. 😏 They obviously didn’t become best buddies as soon as I introduced Maggie to Maven… and months later, they’re still not anywhere close to buddies. But that’s not to say that they don’t get along sometimes, or at least tolerate each other. 😼😾 And actually, as you’ll see in this video, it’s kinda hard to put a name on how they feel about each other.

Usually, at least once a day, Maven will get huffy towards Maggie… often sending her running. Not because she’s scared of Maven, but because she’s confused why the old lady suddenly got in a grumpy-ass mood. πŸ™„ Most other times they just avoid / ignore each other. But then there are times like this where you can tell that even though they don’t like each other, they still like each other’s company… at least a little. 😏

But on top of moments like this, and it’s usually after I return home from being out, sometimes I’ll come in the house quietly enough that I can sneak back to the bedroom and find them both asleep on the bed together. 😊 Well, not together together… since despite being on the same bed, they’ll usually be snoozing in their opposite corners. 😏 So they may not be best friends, but it sure could have turned out a lot worse.

Sawing Logs (and bushes)

I’m not sure if I should give credit to the new “sleep gel” OTC meds that I got, or if it’s because my sleep was so light / scattered the night prior, but I managed to sleep from midnight until noon today. πŸ˜ƒ I woke up and saw light through the curtains, so I assumed it was pre-9:30am, since that’s when I had set my alarm for. πŸ€”

But when I told the Google thing to cancel my alarm, it replied that there were no active alarms. So apparently I just slept straight through my Google speaker making noises at me. πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄β°πŸ”ŠπŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄ And since he had the gas powered trimmer with him again, he was able to chop down and chop up that weird bush/tree that had blown up and gotten ridiculously huge since springtime. πŸ™‚

Had to kinda hop up in a hurry at that point, since Cassi and Steven would be on their way soon to come and finish up the rest of the bushes. It’s hotter than any of us probably expected, but today’s his day off so he wanted to take advantage of it. They’re really looking good now. There’s still a abnormally huge ones, but at least now it looks like someone actually lives here again. 😏

Remember This 80’s Cop Show?

Before I knew that I was gonna have a rough time sleeping last night, I was clicking off a few early morning hours by watching the 80’s TV show “Hunter” on Amazon Prime Video. πŸ™‚ And if you watched it way back when, I feel like you’d still like it today… especially the way that “retro” shows feel like more of an escape.

Starting with ep 01, the pilot, (which you can watch below) it’s ironic how the topic of that episode goes hand in hand with discussions being had around policing in the country today. 🀨😏 With a new, jerk-off type chief taking over the department, announcing all these policy changes… but of course our tough-guy cop, Sgt Rick Hunter, isn’t havin’ any of it. πŸ˜… The way that “TV cops” acted back then… definitely a product of its time. Hell, certain people, even today, would be mad that anyone would admit they still like this show. πŸ€”πŸ˜Ÿ

But the guy that plays Hunter has gotta be the good-lookin’est ugly dude I’ve even seen as a series leading man. (With a front-head that would make even a Batina jealous. πŸ˜„) I think I remember Dad mentioning back then that he was actually an ex-football player, so that kinda makes sense. 🏈πŸ₯΄ And then the woman that plays his soon-to-be partner, Dee Dee McCall, is still smokin’ hot in this show… even by today’s standards. πŸ˜ƒπŸ€€

They’ve got great chemistry, and both of them pull off their roles well… especially if he wasn’t even originally an actor. It would be easy for them to have gone too cheezy with it, but they figured out just the right way to play it. He’s rough, funny, blunt, charming, etc – and she’s a tough chick, but not too tough, kinda likes that Hunter isn’t immediately slobbering all over her… πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ I dunno, they just get on like you’d imagine a couple of experienced cops like them would get on together.

After the double-length pilot, the regular episodes do have that late-80’s “cop show” formula that you’d recognize in Knight Rider, The Fall Guy, Hart to Hart, CHiPs, The Equalizer, etc. But if you were a fan of any of those shows, you should take to this one straight away. πŸ™‚ Oh, and I had forgotten until last night that he had an “awesome” catch phrase… “Works for me!” πŸ™„πŸ˜† It looks silly when it’s just typed out, but yeah, I remember more than a few friends (and, particularly, my cousin Jim) repeating that line all the time back in the day. 😏

Looks like FilmRise even has the whole series up on YouTube, if you’re interested in the distraction. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ»


EDIT: My phone was busy for about eight hours yesterday, between processing the 25 minutes worth of UHD, 360 degree video and then uploading it to YouTube, but I still haven’t gotten the kinks ironed out yet. Turns out that not one of the three videos would display as intended once they were on the site. Of course I’ll keep at it until I figure it out, once I’ve saved up some energy that is. Time for an attempt at a nap now though.