Getting This One Out Of The Way

The surgery went well and I’m back at home recovering. And while that’s good news, simply making it through the surgery – and the surgery itself being successful in what it was aiming to accomplish, there’s still more waiting to be done as the labs now do their thing. 😟 I had a drain in for a little over 24 hours after the procedure, but it was removed today (oush) at a quick follow-up with the doctor. I’m glad to have it out, because I was perpetually worried that I was going to accidentally snag it and rip it out of my throat… 😣 and sleeping vertically doesn’t work very well.

The incision is about twice the size of the one from when I had my C5-C7 fusion done, which was a little surprising. 😕 They needed as much access as possible to search for and remove all the bad bits though, so I guess I can’t complain. Swallowing was excruciating for the first 24 hours… so I spent most of my mental energy trying not to. 😠 Try it… see how that works for you. (spoiler: it doesn’t) I can finally eat soft food now though, so it’s been a Spaghettios and apple sauce type of day.


When I got home yesterday I felt like I had been hit by a bus. Everything working against me… the new surgery trauma, the agitation to my older injury and nerve damage, moving my neck around in ways that it doesn’t like to be moved, and then some issues with them not getting my normal medication to me in a timely manner – which of course triggered uncontrollable shaking in my shoulder… it was a perfect horrible storm. 😥 Cassi stayed with me way later than she was supposed to (she had to get up pre-dawn for her work) but I’m glad that she did because I couldn’t lift my arms, couldn’t use the muscles in my neck to lean myself forward to get out of the recliner… easily the most pain I’ve ever experienced.

I’m not going to get into any of the details, but I’ve already contacted the hospital to let them know that they need to provide me with someone to talk to about my “customer experience.” 😒 Maybe I’ll share all that after it’s done… but for the weekend that will be going on my mental back-burner as I start un-pausing my life and trying to do a few things. First of which will be filling out all of the forms for the various financial assistance things that I can take advantage of. I’ve got Medicare, but that sure doesn’t cover it all… but luckily the hospital, a non-profit, has lots of programs to help make up the difference so I don’t have to go broke while I try to keep my engine running.

Meh… I suppose that’s enough for now. I do have a little bit of non-crappy stuff that I could probably report on, so maybe if I can’t sleep tonight I’ll end up making a second entry. But right now I’m exhausted and everything hurts so it’s hard for non-crappy words to come out of my fingers right now.