Better Than Yesterday

Today hasn’t been too bad. I’ve been taking it especially easy with my movements, to make sure that my neck doesn’t start leaking again, but I’ve still been able to straighten up the clutter in the living room that’s been bothering me. I just had bills laid out here, hospital papers laid out there, and then I had all my gauze, band-aids, alcohol wipes, bacitracin, and meds kinda scattered around wherever I used them last. I also got my financial assistance forms completed.

And thankfully the weather has cooled so the AC doesn’t have to be worried about anytime soon. I mean, I’m still gonna get it repaired in the next week or two, before it gets cold enough that I have to start thinking about using the furnace, but at least this way I didn’t have to bother Rick to come over here after already working on other projects over his weekend. It’s nice to have all the doors open all night… hopefully no boogers come to get me and the cat.

My energy levels weren’t nearly as screwed today as they were yesterday, but it’s too soon to say if it’s my body getting used to things or if it’s just gonna be like this with the ups and downs for a while. The itching is enough to drive me nuts throughout the day though. The area above the incision has some nerve issues going on, because when I touch the area it has that “asleep” feeling to it, but between the incision healing and my beard growing in (probably) I’d sure love to just dig into it and scratch.