New Dream Blog Entry

I had a hyper-realistic dream last night, and remembered enough of it that I made a post in my rarely-used dream blog. There were reasons for almost everything that was featured…

  • Lancaster Sales – because I saw a friend that made a post last night on Facebook about how he and the crew he was working with had recently painted and put a new rubber roof on the old LS building
  • C64 Games – because I have been reading more on Commodore emulation and FPGA projects lately
  • Cleaning Lady – because I was watching a show last night called “I Am Not A Robot” where the whole show is based on a woman pretending to be a lifelike robot, who then basically lives with a man and serves as his friend but also his maid
  • Alarm Clocks – because Cassi’s phone speaker isn’t working correctly so she isn’t able to use it as her alarm clock, and I suggested to her that she get a real clock
  • Old Toys – when am I not always fascinated by the toys of my childhood
  • Big Bird – absolutely no idea
  • Doctor Who – I was searching for trailers for the new season recently
  • Pool Table – the other day I was wondering if our family’s old pool table is still down in the basement or if we had gotten rid of it at some point
  • Rice – also from the “I Am Not A Robot” show, where it was used as a plot device between characters about allergies or something.

Heh… I know that none of this will seem fascinating to anyone but me, but here you go: