Sometimes I wonder if people who are married or in relationships remember what it’s like to try and keep up with life all on their own. I think that people who have been married for decades, and have had the benefit of a “better half” for all those years, probably can’t even relate to what it’s like to not have someone to lean on if they need to.

I think that’s why my patience drops to zero whenever someone in that situation offers their opinion on how my best isn’t good enough. It’s always great when you’re doing everything you can to make it through each day while handling the variety of things that come along with friends, family, medical issues, etc… and someone points out a certain way (or ways) in which you’re sucking at it.

I’d wager that 9 out of 10 of those folks… the ones who either have someone currently or had someone for most of their life… I’d wager that if you go back and take “their person” away and asked them to start over and do everything on their own, they might reconsider sharing their opinions about what other people are doing wrong. Okay, I should shut up now… I’m in a bit of a mood. Obviously.