Setting Myself Up To Fail

Gonna try to get caught up with all my shit a little bit tomorrow. Lots of unplanned or unexpected things have been keeping me on my heels lately, but I took today to basically do nothing, so tomorrow I’ll have the mental energy to get back on track.

Gotta call about the recalls on my car, and that oil change that I keep pushing off… gotta call about the AC at the house, which is no longer an urgent matter since it’s fucking cold outside… heh… and then I have an obscene amount of mail and bills to rip into and take care of. So far the financial assistance program at the hospital is really helping out, but I’m waiting for that one bill where it doesn’t, where I’ll choke on my pop and cry a little bit as I read it.

Maven hasn’t been feeling good, so she’s all stressed out… the meds that I ordered from some online pet store never arrived, so I had to order again from Amazon and now wait another couple of days. I just hate seeing her all twitchy and unhappy, so that’s really stressing me out too.

I dunno… there’s just a lot of things that I really need to get behind me, so I just need to feel like I’m kinda turning it around tomorrow, even if only for a few days.