10pm… groggy… slept all night last night, then took my morning meds and slept all damn day today. I mean, I guess I’m glad – since my body apparently needed about 20 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours… but cripes… these new meds, man.

I’ve got an appointment with my workers comp doctor on Monday, and I think I’m gonna talk to him about switching back to Lyrica. Klonopin does work to control the tremors in my shoulder, but if you aren’t completely awake and active – as soon a you take it it will knock you on your ass and you’ll sleep for eight hours. Hmm… maybe Lyrica in the morning, Klonopin at night. You’d think after a decade of treating my injury we’d have it worked out – but between workers comp fighting against paying for the expensive Lyrica, and me getting insurance that would completely cover the Klonopin…. I dunno, there’s just a variety of decisions to be made I guess.

Still haven’t put my other plans into action yet, but hoping that this weekend will help motivate me. Gotta get my shit together…