One After Another

Saw my back / knee doctor, and thankfully I was able to replicate all of the various movements that I can’t do without pain. He seemed pleased that he couldn’t hear any grinding, and the way he did a few significantly different things in a row that caused the same kind of pain… I think he has a guess about what’s going on in there, but can’t really be sure until he at least gets a look at some x-rays.

So I hobbled downstairs from that visit, and all the way to the opposite side of the building, only to discover that the lab in the building was having a problem with their x-ray machine and were sending everyone over to the already-crowded one by Target. Almost just drove my ass home, but forced myself over there to wait and just get them done on the same day. The sooner I get ’em done, the sooner we get further into what’s causing this problem. He did warn me though, that x-rays generally won’t show the stuff that a DO really wants to see, and there’s a good chance (if the problem persists) that I’ll have to do some physical therapy before insurance would authorize an MRI, if needed. Yay.

And then my stomach has been in knots all day, knowing that my involuntary workers comp appointment is coming up tomorrow. I just know how these things go, and that usually shortly after this type of doctor appointment, that’s when the medication refusals get worse, followed by industrial commission hearings, etc. You can’t know how it feels to have a disability with daily pain – and knowing that there’s a controlling entity out there that is doing everything they can to reduce the already minimal treatment you’re getting.

Going to bed early…