Today didn’t end up being as productive as I wanted it to be. Original plan after my “day off” yesterday was to continue in the basement today… I mean, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I’m almost compelled to at least do something productive each day. It’s probably because of the difficulty of many of the things, and that it takes me so much longer to do those things now… so I guess I want to get things done when I’m feeling the most capable, because I know that can go away the next day.

Meh… just thinking out loud, I guess. But I thought about it, and since there’s absolutely no urgency when it comes to gathering up my random shit to sell eventually, and since I didn’t particularly wanna spend the day in the basement, I made a compromise with myself and finally started putting all my books and random crap back on my bookshelves in the bedroom.

That was probably a better idea anyway, since I have plans with Jim on Saturday… plans that were cemented last fall, so I definitely don’t want to gimp myself up even more than I already am, ‘cuz I can’t miss this one. Plus it’s nice doing something to a room that makes me feel more at home in it, rather than clearing out or stacking boxes. I mean, I don’t even look in the extra bedrooms often, let alone actually use them, but yeah… making my room feel more like my room again was a nice change. And also a good example of doing something when I can, or risk it going in the queue for weeks due to a surprise gimp knee. 😏🤷🏻‍♂️