Yeah. I had a feeling this wouldn’t be very impressive… and it isn’t. πŸ˜πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

It’s just too fast, even at one frame every 1/3 second, 30 frames per second… and there’s nothing to really show scale, so the birds look way smaller than the beasts that they are. πŸ€” It’s a little better full-screen.

Spring Birds

I noticed yesterday evening that my “spring birds” are starting to return to the big pine tree again. I’d say that it’s been five years in a row now that they’ve chosen that tree as the place where they spend their nights. 😊 They haven’t reached their full numbers yet, but I think that I still might try to do a time-lapse of them all landing tonight. Not sure if it’ll be that good, but it will at least serve as a test in case I wanna do another / better one once the tree fills up. It makes a person wonder how and why they chose this tree, and how they know or remember to return to it in the spring. πŸ€”

Had a really hard time falling to sleep last night. It was after 2am, and my anxiety levels were at their lowest point for the day… so I kinda hated to “give that up” by going to sleep. πŸ˜• Days are more anxious than usual, for obvious reasons, so once you’ve reached those early morning hours it just feels nice that you “made it” through the day, everything feels like it has calmed down, and the chance for any unexpected BS popping up feels a whole lot less.

Meh… that’s all I’ve really got at the moment… πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‚ So, no rambling… unusual, eh?

Manufacturing War Efforts

Factories changing the things they produce…

I love the music that plays during the above presentation. I gotta find some on Spotify…

It’ll take my generation (and younger) a while to wrap our heads around such change…

Granted, if Trump activates this authority now it’s for a war against a virus instead of a war against another country, but still… this is is something that really could happen soon. Hard to believe.

Figuring It Out

I’m trying to not be anxious today… which in itself seems silly, as I’m either gonna be or not… but something about today being a Monday is making it more difficult. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ It might be because I have a doctor appointment coming up in a couple of days, where not only would I rather not to be leaving the house, but also because I’m nervous that the appointment could lead to additional appointments or tests or whatever. πŸ˜• It’s nothing serious as far as I know, but with my luck… who knows.

That, and I’m noticing that I’ve got a toothache that hasn’t gone away after a couple days. It’s not bad bad yet, but just the idea of possibly having to make a dentist appointment where I’ll have my mouth held wide open – in a room with people who’ve been around dozens of other people with their mouths held wide open… heh… I’d just rather not, but I may end up not having a choice. πŸ˜πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ It’s funny how “little things” start feeling a lot bigger when all this other stuff is going on, eh?

The family has all been checking in with each other in a roundabout way, where we don’t necessarily all talk to each other, but one of us will know that another bunch of us are hanging in there, so we can pass that info along. πŸ™‚ Most of my cousins work in jobs where they’ll be able to / have to keep working despite the crisis, so I guess that’s both good and bad. Hard to know if the government will actually come up with something that would really enable folks to pay all their bills and keep food on the table if they do lose their jobs.

And of course anyone with retirement money in the stock market or other investments around this time… of course nobody is gonna be happy with how things are going. ☹️ Not only do I worry about friends and family’s health and safety regarding the virus, but I also hate that some of them are really taking a financial hit or at risk of losing their jobs for the time being. 😳 Nothing’s good for anyone right now, and there’s no way of getting around it.

There wasn’t a “virtual” race to distract us all today, but one of the guys I watch on YouTube quite a bit… Steve Lehto… he’s been holding livestream discussions more often than his typical weekend shows, so it’s nice to just sit in a chat room with a bunch of randoms (while also watch something else on TV) and have some sort of “normal” conversation to take our minds off of things at least a bit. πŸ€“πŸ˜πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Of course the topic still comes up in conversation there, but there’s plenty of other topics bounced back and forth. (You’ll hear my name mentioned a few times as he reads and responds to one of my questions or comments.)

So I dunno… not much better or worse than yesterday… it’s just the couple of unpredictable medical concerns that probably have me more anxious than I’d otherwise be. 😐 Getting to that age where I’m like that old car that you take to the shop for a rattle, and they find the rattle… and a leak… and a cracked seal… worn tires… etc. 😏 Just really hoping that I can get those things wrapped up quickly so I can just settle in to this isolation period and hope for the best like everyone else. ‘Cuz other than that stuff I mentioned, I feel like I’m fairly prepared and ready for a few weeks of this at least. (Knock on wood)

One Day at A Time

Fox Sports did a great job with the “virtual” race that they put on today. I forget what the official name was, but it was an eNASCAR / iRacing / Invitational / Exhibition race… that they somehow managed to get on TV with an impressive presentation. Sure, there were more wrecks than in a real race, and a few glitches here and there… but overall, if you were just walking in and out of the living room, only half paying attention, you wouldn’t have even noticed that we were all watching a video game.

A nice little escape for a couple of hours today. Back in reality, Mike DeWine declared that Ohio will have a stay-at-home order starting on Monday. We’re all basically doing that already, but I think this may actually affect folks who were still wanting and trying to work. Only certain jobs are on the approved list, so here’s hoping that the government comes through with unemployment or another form of relief quickly – ‘cuz as if the virus itself doesn’t cause enough anxiety, now people are gonna have to worry about utilities, rent, car payments, food, etc.

The problem is, the way they’ve worded things, the way they’re going to enforce this order… it’s way, way too soft – and the people who want to be out, or just don’t want to be told what to do, they’re gonna find and use all the loopholes. I’d give it a week or two before DeWine gets fed up with the lack of cooperation and puts something stronger in place. But right now, you can still go out to the park, walk around, walk your dog, drive to shop, visit family, go to doctor appointments… I mean, I don’t know what the right amount of “enforcement” would be, so maybe that’s why it’s starting off light.

I didn’t watch Trump’s press briefing today, and I’m probably a whole lot better for it. I’ve seen a couple clips, and have read things that he said or did… and yeah, as many, many people and journalists are starting to say on Twitter – there’s no reason that these things should be carried live, since there is so much misinformation that causes fear and anxiety. So my day was a bit better than I was feeling last night. Honestly, I don’t really know how I feel at the moment… it’s almost like anticipation… not knowing how I should feel until we start seeing things happening closer to home each day.

I’m probably still right on the edge of that same anxiety that I had last night, so after I get off of here I’m gonna seek out Airplane! (the movie) so I can kick back and absorb some stupid, clever, dumb comedy as I hopefully get sleepy. I hope everyone out there made it through the day as uneventfully as I did today.

The “Anxiety Light” Version

Legal Eagle spells it out much better than I could… and with 99% less emotional exhaustion. πŸ˜πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ