Oops, I Forgot A Title

I haven’t been able to move around a whole lot, or to do much around the house or even out places lately, so I’ve been spending a lot of time watching the various GOP “hearings” that have been happening around the country, and then Twitter’s reaction to them once they’re over. 😏🙄 I remember a time not that long ago, that when people would speak about something – those people would endeavor to be truthful, accurate, and would seek out the truth if they knew they were lacking in their knowledge. 🤓😞 I miss those times.

Not only are people indignantly ignorant, avoiding the truths that go against what they want the narrative to be… but many, many people have no problem with shamelessly lying about even the most serious of things anyway, and misleading as many people as possible along the way. 😒 Being brought up right, like a lot of folks my age, all we can do is watch these sociopathic / psychopathic assholes do what they do, and wonder where it all went wrong… how they could turn out the way that they did. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The thing is, yeah… the Presidential election is a big deal… but some people have “chosen their tribe” and are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and possibly kill in order to make sure that their person wins. A lot of times, if you ask those same people for specifics of current events under investigation or suspicion, or if you ask them about specific policy positions or how having their candidate in office will actually affect their lives – you’ll be lucky to get any type of coherent statement, versus some sort of angry grumbling about something unrelated or perhaps just even a blank stare.

Dangerously ignorant people, thinking a single elected official is almost a “life or death” matter, despite state governments, representatives to the House, Senators, and judges being equally as important, if not more so. Meh… I’m pretty much done feeling bad for the dummies or trying to help them understand, in hopes that they’ll realize that they’re being played for suckers. 🙄🤡 Thing is, I’m pretty sure a good chunk of them already know that, but when they’re this deep in the game… how could they admit it now?

But my bounce back from the latest bit of not feeling great… it didn’t “take” after that one decent day, although I’m not feeling too much worse tonight. Just unusual pain that keeps waking me up when I try to sleep, odd dreams throughout, and then each time I wake up I can’t be sure which part is gonna be hurting at that point or why. Guess it’s time to dig out that big yoga ball again, and that shake plate thing that Genesee suggested. 😳 With it in my thoughts more, due to Jim currently experiencing the worst of what I’ve been through, I do know that I wanna stop this current phase before it gets out of control. A little more walking, some stretches… I think it’ll be okay. 🥺🤞🏻

Honestly, I’m sure that I have something else worth talking about from between Thanksgiving and now, but I couldn’t tell you what it might be. 😄🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m just waking up from a good chunk of sleep, so maybe once I’m more awake it’ll come back to me. Good chance I’ll be up all night, so I may pop back in here again at some point.

Too Lengthy For People To Care

This is the post I made to Facebook yesterday. I guess it’s worth sharing here…

  • I dare you to read all of this 😏

  • Most of us were raised to not be assholes. To not be racists, not be sexist, conduct ourselves in the way that we’d like to be treated, etc. And for a good long time that worked, and people in general conducted themselves in a pretty respectable way.

  • But I don’t think people acted like that because they *wanted* to, or because that’s how they were programmed… I think a lot of folks acted that way because they assumed there would be a down side or backlash if they acted like selfish buttholes.

  • And that’s why we now have a *whole* lot more crappy people than we did even a decade ago, because the more that people have seen high profile people acting like nutsacks and not paying any price whatsoever – a lot of folks decided that “decent, kind human being” wasn’t for them.

  • It just fed on itself at that point… because the more you see shitty people getting away with shitty things, the more that other people will decide to follow that shitty path – since it’s working so well for the others. More shitty people breeds more shitty people, sometimes literally heh

  • It just seems that more and more, people are going to do what benefits them, with less consideration of others. If someone doesn’t agree with you, don’t bother discussing it with them… just put them down, make fun of them, get your friends in on it too.

  • Have you always wished that fewer darkies would move into the neighborhood? Go ahead and let your other racist friends know too, because there’s strength in numbers, right? Get enough people that agree with you and you won’t even need to hide it anymore.

  • Getting tired of your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend? Good news… you don’t actually have to split up with them. Keep them around for the few good things they can do for you, and just get yourself someone on the side for all the other stuff. Chances are, even if your significant other finds out, they’ll stay with you anyway. So why deprive yourself of other strange?

  • Oh, and if something doesn’t go your way, make sure you absolve yourself of any responsibility … because playing the victim is how we do things now. Nothing is actually your fault, and fuck anyone who even suggests it. This includes babies. Did your girl go and get herself pregnant? Well that shit sure wasn’t *your* idea, so why should *you* be expected to do anything to help out?

  • Another thing… if you ever actually *are* wrong about something, for God’s sake NEVER admit it! Admitting you’re wrong or have made a mistake… WEAKNESS. You don’t want to be a pussy, do you? And of course if you never admit you’re wrong about anything, ever, then you’ll never need to apologize for anything. Apologize to someone and they’ll have that to hold over your head forever.

  • Someone wants to merge in front of you on the highway? Fuck that guy. He should have planned ahead better. Someone taking too long with their order at McDonalds? Roll your eyes, bitch about it under your breath, and by all means make sure you take it out on the cashier once you finally get to order. And if you use the restroom first and accidentally piss on the seat… just leave it – someone “lesser than you” gets paid to clean up shit like that anyway.

  • At school or work, especially if you’re insecure about yourself, make sure you team up with as many other insecure people as you can – because then you can be an entire *gang* of insecure assholes who can lash out at anyone even weaker than you. Nothing makes a person feel *better* than making another person feel *worse*. And yes, I know you were probably raised to not do any of these things … but trust me, nobody cares anymore, so why waste your time trying to be “good?”

  • Agree? No?