Enough Justification?

From The Tampa Bay Times, re: Burger King’s Impossible Whopper:

“Nutritionally, the two burgers are almost identical. The Impossible
Whopper will save you about 30 calories and a gram of saturated fat.
It’s got nine more grams of carbohydrates and one more gram of sugar.
With 25 grams of protein, the Impossible Whopper has just three grams
fewer than the original. Additionally, an Impossible Burger also doesn’t
contain the same antibiotics or hormones as ground beef. At $5.29 a sandwich,
the Impossible Whopper will run you $1 more than the original.”

Accidentally ran across some of the facts I had been wondering about, after trying that Impossible Whopper the other day. I shouldn’t have assumed that it was healthier, just because it is plant based, because it doesn’t appear that it is. In the same way the flavor and texture is basically a draw, it seems the same is true for its “health” attributes. 🐮🍔 The only big benefit, mentioned later in the article, is that it uses 95% less land and 74% less water to make than the beef patty, with 87% less greenhouse gas emissions. 🤔 So, yeah… not sure if that changes how I feel about it or not. There’s probably more detailed health comparisons somewhere more scientific, but yeah… 🤷🏻‍♂️